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Dickerson: Quill & Brush, 2011. Fourth edition. Includes identification information and estimated prices for over 20,000 collected books in all categories. Over 800 pages. Sections on book collecting, publishers' methods for first-edition identification, comprehensive bibliography of bibliographies, and more. A NOTE FROM THE COMPILERS: With millions of books listed online, the internet has become the first place to go for identifying and pricing scarce and rare first editions. However, the information needed to identify first printings and first "states" or "issues" is not always available on the internet -- and what information is available online is often inaccurate or misleading. For those interested in buying or selling scarce and rare first editions COLLECTED BOOKS: THE GUIDE TO IDENTIFICATION & VALUES provides assurance that your offerings or purchases are bibliographically correct. COLLECTED BOOKS has been cited as a standard reference in American Literary Scholarship, Antique Week, Arts & Antiques, The Baltimore Sun, Barrons, Business Week, Departures, Forbes, National Enquirer, People Magazine, Southern Accent Magazine, USA Today, Washington Investor Quarterly, The Washington Post, and The Washington Times. NOTE -- THIS IS A DIGITAL VERSION OF THIS TITLE FOR DOWNLOAD TO YOUR E-BOOK READER, MOBILE DEVICE OR PERSONAL COMPUTER. A DOWNLOAD LINK WILL BE PROVIDED ONCE ORDER IS PROCESSED, USUALLY 24-48 HOURS AFTER ORDER IS PLACED.
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