Helping You Build a Collection

If you decide to collect currently popular authors whose books are not particularly scarce, you might start with the Internet servers mentioned previously. But, you should still send us your want list (list of books you want, including the minimum condition you will accept). Without your want list, we may sell the book you are interested in before you have a chance to see it, even if you get our catalogs regularly. As you buy books, you should send a revised list, perhaps every month or two, so we will not waste our time searching for books you have already bought, and to remind us that you are still actively searching for certain titles.

If your budget only allows for a few books a month, it would probably be wise to explain your budget limitations, and limit the number of books on the list. In other words, if you have decided to spend $200 a month on your collection and most of the books you want are in the $50-to-$100 range, you will be buying only two to four books a month, and there is no sense in obtaining quotes on a large number of books.

Also, make it clear to us whether we will be the only dealers buying for you. If you will also be buying from other sources, you will need to keep your want list updated regularly so that we can keep current with your collection.

The advantage of using us is that:
We are constantly buying and as a result we get just about every catalog issued by dealers in the English speaking world.

Most catalogers send out the catalogs before putting the books on the net.

We subscribe to, or receive copies, of book auction catalogs from just about all the houses, including Sothebys, Christies, Swann, Pacific, Waverly, Baltimore, et al. And, of course, the books being offered in these catalogs will not appear on the net.

We guarantee all our books and will refund your money if you tell us you are returning it within 10 days of receiving the book. AND, we will take back any book purchased from us at full credit at any time, as long as the book is in the same condition as it was when we sold it to you.