WILLIAM SOMERSET MAUGHAM: A Catalogue of the Loren and Fances Rothchild Collection...

Los Angeles: Heritage Press, 2001. First edition. Compiled and edited by Loren Rothschild and Deborah Whiteman, with an introduction by Paul Theroux. A competent job and well worth the price for both collectors and dealers. In addition to the books, it contains sections on letters, manuscripts, typescripts and other Maugham related items. It is 8 x 11 inches with 370 pages including an index and numerous illustrations. In regard to the books, most issue points are mentioned but the bibliographers do not consistently mention whether a book actually states first edition or first published (always one of our hangups). In the case of Maugham, this is particularly important as Doubleday, his American publisher, only put the "first edition" statement on the first printings and may have reprinted the book five times the first year. So, you’ll still need the Stott Maugham bibliography. New in dust jacket at published price.
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