A WALTER MOSLEY SAMPLER featuring the first books in three of his series, a science fiction novel and a standalone novel -- DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS; RL's DREAM; ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, ALWAYS OUTGUNNED; BLUE LIGHT; and FEARLESS JONES..

New York / Boston: Norton / Putnam, 1990 - 2001. Five volumes. Each is a first edition in dust jacket SIGNED BY MOSLEY (one with a quote from the book). Includes his first book and first Easy Rawlins mystery, DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS (Norton, 1990); his standalone novel, RL's DREAM (Norton, 1995), "...about the blues--the blues as an expression of black poetry and black tragedy..." featuring aging bluesman Soupspoon Wise; ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, ALWAYS OUTGUNNED (Norton, 1998), the first to featur Socrates Fortlow, "a tough, brooding ex-convict"; his first science-fiction novel, BLUE LIGHT (Little Brown, 1998), in which "an inscrutable blue light ...transforms those it strikes, causing them instantaneously to evolve...."; and FEARLESS JONES (Little Brown, 2001) the first in the series in which army veteran Fearless Jones helps his friend solve the mystery of his blown up used-book store. First four volumes SIGNED ON THE TITLE PAGE, and the last one is SIGNED WITH A QUOTE FROM THE BOOK, "love walked in the door" on the half-title page. Last volume with pages just slightly tanned otherwise altogether a fine little collection.
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