"IN THE BEGINNING" in EXTRA. Kurt Vonnegut.


London: Jonathan Cape, 1985. A newspaper size (23 x 16") publication that appears to be pushing Cape's authors' work. Called "extra" Number One 1985. It includes Vonnegut's "In the Beginning," written after he and his wife visited Galapagos, and seems more relevant now than in 1985. "The debate about teaching Darwinism now centers on the nonsensical issue of whether the Bible is literally true or not. The real issue to debate is whether or not the leaders of this society believe that poor people are biological failures, who, if given food and shelter and decent medical care and so on, can only weaken humankind." "Their real reason for loathing Darwinism is so embarrassing to them that they cannot even acknowledge it to themselves---that they are big losers---(and) if their children ----were---to look at the world as Darwinists, they just might jsee their parents as failed animals who probably shouldn't have been allowed to breed more---guess what---failures." Folded to make 4 pages. Fine.
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