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(Ladue, Sarah Eleanor); Compiled by Mrs. Grant Rideout.
Lamb, Charles.
Lambert, Gavin.
Landor, A. Henry Savage.
(Landor, William Savage); George Stillman Hillard, editor.
Lang, Mrs.; Andrew Lang, editor.
Lanier, Virginia.
Lardner, Ring W.
Latouche, John, and Jerome Moross.
Lawrence, D. H.
(Lawrence, D. H.) by Herbert J. Seligmann.
(Lawrence, D. H.).
(Lawrence, D. H.). Giovanni Verga.
Lawrence, Jerome, and Robert E. Lee.
Lawrence, T. E.
(Lawrence, T. E.) By Adrien Le Corbeau; "L. H. Ross," translator.
(Lawrence, T. E.) By Brian Gardner.
(Lawrence, T. E.) Robert Graves, and Liddell Hart.
(Lawrence, T. E.). Duval, Elizabeth W.
le Carre, John.
Le Sage, M., James Townsend, translator.
Leared, Arthur.
Lederer, Charles, and Davis, Luther.
Lee, C. Y.
Lee, George W.
Lee, Harper.
Lee, Harper; Nadiya Matuzova, foreword.
Leekley, Thomas B.
Leiber, Fritz.
Leinster, Murray.
Leland, Charles Godfrey.
Leonard, Elmore.
Lever, Charles.
(Levin, Ira), Heywood Gould.
Lewin, Michael Z.
(Lewis, C. Day), as Nicholas Blake.
Lewis, C. Day, as Nicholas Blake.
Lewis, Lange. (Jane Lewis Brandt)
Lewis, Sinclair.
Limited Editions Club.
(Lincoln, Abraham), Earl Schenck Miers, William E. Baringer.
(Lincoln, Abraham); Daniel S. Knowlton.
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow.
Lindsay, Howard and Russel Crouse.
Lindsay, Paul.
Llywelyn, Morgan.
Logan, Daniel.
Logan, Joshua.
Lomax, John A.
London, Jack, introduction; H. D. Umbstaetter.
London, Jack.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.
(Longfellow, Samuel); Joseph May, editor.
Loos, Anita.
Lopez, Barry.
Louys, Pierre.
Lovecraft, H. P.
(Lovecraft, H. P.).
Lower, Mark Antony.
Lowry, Malcolm.
Lucas, E. V.
Ludlum, Robert.
Lustgarten, Edgar.

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