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Fairstein, Linda.
Farley, James A.
Farnol, Jeffery.
Farrell, James T.
Fast, Howard.
Faulkner, William.
Fearing, Kenneth.
Feibleman, Peter S.
Feiffer, Jules.
Felton, Ralph A.
Ferber, Edna.
Ferber, Edna; Kaufman, George S.
Ferrucci, Franco.
Fetherling, Douglas.
Field, Eugene (Maxfield Parrish).
Field, Eugene.
Fielding, Helen.
Fierstein, Harvey.
Findley, Timothy.
Firbank, Ronald.
Fisher, Katharine, Dorothy B. Marsh, Katherine Norris & Adeline Mansfield.
Fisher, Robert Lewis.
Fisher, Roy, David Jones.
Fisher, Vardis.
Fitts, Dudley.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott, Chester Himes.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott, John Dos Passos, Louis Paul, Morley Callahan.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott, Langston Hughes.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott.
Fitzgerald, Penelope.
Flanagan, Richard, John Friedrich.
Flavin, Martin.
(Fleming, Ian) By John Gardner.
(Fleming, Ian), Mary Wickham Bond.
(Fleming, Ian). John Gardner.
Fleming, Ian.
Fletcher, George U. (Fletcher Pratt).
Fletcher, J. S.
Forche, Carolyn.
Ford, Ford Madox,
Ford, Ford Madox.
[Ford, Ford Madox] Ford H. Madox Hueffer.
[Ford, Ford Madox] Ford Madox Hueffer and Violet Hunt.
[Ford, Ford Madox] Ford Madox Hueffer, translator; Pierre Loti.
[Ford, Ford Madox] Ford Madox Hueffer.
[Ford, Ford Madox], Ford Madox Hueffer.
Ford, Richard.
Forester, C. S.
(Forester, C. S.) Forester, John.
Forrest, A. S.
Forster, E. M.
Fort, Charles.
Foster, Hugh W.
Fowler, Gene, and Bess Meredyth.
Fowler, William W.
Fowles, John.
Fox, John, Jr.
Frame, Janet.
Francis, Dick.
Francis, Dick. Lionel Davidson, Len Deighton.
(Franklin, Benjamin), by Joyce E. Chaplin
(Franklin, Benjamin), Richard Saunders; Norman Rockwell.
Fraser, George MacDonald.
Frazier, Charles.
Frederic, Harold.
Freeman, H. W.
Freeman, R. B.
Friedan, Betty.
Friedan, Betty. Brigid O'Farrell (editor).
(Frost, Robert).
Frost, Robert, Phillips Farmer.
Frost, Robert.
Fry, Christopher.
Fuchs, Daniel.
Fuentes, Carlos.
Fugard, Athol, and Don MacLennan.
Fugard, Athol.
[Fugitive Poets]
Fulwood, Sam, III.

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