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(Cabell, James Branch).
Cable, George W.
Cahan, Abraham.
Cain, James M.
Caldwell, Erskine.
Callery, MM., and Yvan.
Cameron, Peter.
Canby, Henry Seidel, Andrew Wyeth, illustrator.
Canfield, Curtis.
Canfield, Dorothy.
Canin, Ethan.
Cantor, Jay.
Capek, Karel.
Capote, Truman.
(Capote, Truman; Ian, Fleming, et al).
Card, Orson Scott.
Carey, Peter.
Carlson, Ron.
Carnochan, F. G. and A. C. Adamson.
Carr, Caleb.
Carr, John Dickson.
Carr, John.
Carroll, James.
(Carroll, Lewis)
(Carroll, Lewis) Falconer Madan, editor.
(Carroll, Lewis) Suzy Lee.
(Carroll, Lewis). Mrs. J. C. Gorham.
Carroll, Lewis.
Carroll, Lewis;
Carroll, Lewis; Roselle Ross.
Carroll, Paul Vincent.
Carson, Rachel.
Carter, Angela.
Carter, Jimmy.
Carter, Jimmy. Rosalynn Carter
(Carter, John Franklin) Jay Franklin.
Carter, Rosalynn.
Carter. Hodding.
(Carver, Raymond). Jon Jackson.
Carver, Raymond.
Cary, Joyce.
Casey, John.
Casolaro, Daniel.
Cather, Willa.
Cather, Willa..
[Cather, Willa].
Catton, Bruce.
Caunitz, William J.
Cecil, David.
Cervo, Nathan.
Chaber, M. E.
Chabon, Michael, Octavio Butler, William Kennedy, Kingsolver, Proulx, Jane Smiley, et al.
Chabon, Michael.
Chalip, Remy.
Chalmers, Patrick.
Chamberlain, Lesley.
Chambers, Whitman.
Chandler, Raymond.
Charteris, Leslie.
Chase-Riboud, Barbara.
Chatwin, Bruce, and Paul Theroux.
Chatwin, Bruce.
Cheever, John.
Chesnutt, Charles W.
Chester, Alfred.
Chesterton, G[ilbert] K.
Cheyney, Peter.
Child, Julia.
Child, Lee.
Christian, Purnell; Joe Service (Servello).
Christie, Agatha.
Christopher, Nicholas.
Christy, E. V. A.
Churchill, Randolph, Kay Halle, editor.
Churchill, Winston S.
Chute, Carolyn.
Cisneros, Sandra.
Clampitt, Amy.
Clancy, Tom.
Clark, Eleanor.
Clark, Evans, Alfred Bernheim, Frederick Dewhurst, Margaret Schnieder.
Clark, Mary Higgins.
Clark, Walter Van Tilburg.
Clarke, Arthur C.
Clarke, Susanna.
Clavell, James.
Clewes, Dorothy.
Clifton, Mark, and Frank Riley.
Clinton, Bill.
Clinton, Hillary Rodham.
Cobb, Irvin S.
Coburn, D. L.
Cockerell, Douglas.
Coetzee, J. M., and Paul Auster.
Coffee, Lenore. Cowen, William Joyce.
Cohen, Robert.
Cohn, David L.
Colbert, James.
Colette, and Willy.
Collins, Billy.
Collins, Michael. (Grafton, Sue).
Colum, Padraic; John Butler Yeats.
Colvin, John B.
Comden, Betty; Adolph Green.
Condon, Richard.
Connell, Evan S.
Connelly, Marc.
Connelly, Michael.
Connolly, Cyril.
(Conrad, Joseph), Christopher Morley.
Conrad, Joseph, and Ford M[adox] Hueffer [Ford].
Conrad, Joseph.
Conroy, Pat.
Conroy, Richard Timothy.
Cook, Fannie.
(Cookbook) Filippini, Alessandro.
Cooke, John Esten, Richard Harwell, editor.
Coolidge, Susan.
Coon, Carleton; Stanley M. Garn; Joseph B. Birdsell.
Coonts, Stephen.
Corle, Edwin.
Cornwell, Bernard.
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
Cornwell, Patricia.
Cousteau, Jacques-Yves. Philippe Diole.
Covarrubias, Miguel.
Cowper, William.
Cozzens, Frederic S.
Cozzens, James Gould.
Crabbe, Rev. George, LL.B.
Crace, Jim.
Crane, Stephen.
Creasey, John.
(Crews, Harry); Erik Bledsoe, editor.
Crews, Harry.
Crofts, Freeman Wills.
Crowther, Samuel, editor; Nelson Rockefeller, Irving Fisher, et al.
Cruikshank, George, Robert B. Brough.
Cruikshank, George; Pierce Egan.
Crumb, R.; Ralph Steadman; A. A. Milne.
Crumley, James.
Cullen, Countee.
Cullum, Ridgwell.
Cummings, E. E.
Cunningham, Michael.
Curtis, Nathaniel Cortlandt.
Cussler, Clive.
Cussler. Clive.

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